What are InVue detacher keys?

First off, let’s distinguish between the many different types of InVue keys:

  • OneKey Detacher: decouples all OneKey Package Protection Products such as the Package Wraps, Safers, Cable Locks and Bottle Caps made for the OneKey ecosystem.
    Image of hand holding the OneKey Detacher
  • OM Key: An innovative key that has a unique orthogonal magnet shape which provides a perpendicular force not achievable by regular magnetic detachers.
    Image of hand holding the OM Key Detacher and StopLok
  • CT Key: A unique secure code is programmed into this electronic key which prevents it from being used at other locations.
    Image of hand holding the CT Key Detacher

Next, you might be wondering who exactly the InVue company is, and why some of their previous products, like the S3 HandKey, are associated with different brand names. Well, they did indeed patent the S3 range of products, but in 2007 Alpha Consumer Products, as they were previously known, sold the S3 product line to Checkpoint Systems. They then reformed their company as InVue.to focus on handheld electronic merchandise.

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