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Got a specific type of security tag that you need removed? Post a comment here and provide a link to an image of the tag. We’ll reply with instructions on how to remove it.

Note: We removed the old support ticket system in August 2015 because it kept all queries private. This wasn’t really helpful to other users with the same type of question, so let’s start a new thread…

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  1. Hi, in a video about the cone superlock detacher it was mentioned that most of the time ink tags use a pin, which can be removed with a magnet detacher. However, I’ve never seen this type of security tag before ( One side of the garnet had the above ink tag and the other side was a SuperTag (they seemed to be attached). Is this common? Will the ink tag require a magnet detacher and the SuperTag require a sensormatic hook? Thanks!

    • That’s common. Stores sometimes swap out the standard plastic pin, and use an ink pin instead. They do this for added security as it also provides benefit denial in addition to tag detection. In this case, you just need a detacher hook, as the locking mechanism is in the Supertag, not the ink pin.

  2. Can someone please tell me what all different type tags can be detached with the super golf tag detacher 15k gs specifically what does it do to acousto magnetic labels and what’s commonly called spider wire

    • The Golf SuperLock Detacher removes most types of RF tags, of which there are too many to mention (just do a search on Google images for RF security tags). The SuperLock does not deactivate acousto magnetic labels, and we’re not even sure why you’d ask that as they’re completely incompatible technologies. And you can read more about spider-wraps, as well as how to remove them here.

  3. Can the homemade alpha s3 handkey (the one in the comments with the picture from zoklet) be used to unlock regular magnetic rf hard tags? Or, can one of those N52 magnets do this?


    • This depends on the shape and size of the magnets. Technically, this would increase the adhesive force, but no more than a single magnet of the same size. As you continue to stack identical magnets on top of one other, the increase in Gauss strength will be less and less. Also, if the length of the magnets exceeds its total diameter, the optimum level has been surpassed, so there would be no benefit in stacking any additional magnets.

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