Zoklet.net is going offline, permanently

For any of our readers that also lurk in the realms of Zoklet – the rumours are true – the website will be shutting down in a matter of days. We can’t release the exact details of why this is happening, other than to say that it involves the leaking of personal information of one or more of its high level users.

This essentially means that the entire Zoklet forum will be pulled down to prevent certain persons from being linked to criminal activities. It also means that federal agents now have access to real life identities, and they may use that information to advance their investigations into Internet crime, of which Zoklet could be accused of perpetrating.

As a result there are several groups of users attempting to migrate to new forums:

  • intosanctuary.com [created May 08, 2014]
  • longlivezoklet.net [created Sep. 08, 2014 offline after owner doxed April 16, 2015]
  • avoyel.net [created Aug. 13, 2014 seized by, or was possibly linked to, the FBI]
  • www.niggasin.space [created Mar. 31, 2015]

List last updated January 08, 2016.

See the comments below. If there are any further developments we’ll post them.