Vendor Review: VP EAS Accessories

VP EAS Accessories appears to be operated by a one-man-band and conducts transactions from the email address; There are conflicting stories on the Internet about the legitimacy of this operation. We found an article on a consumer review website labelled The VP EAS Accessories scam. That article features a discussion from several users about their experience with this business, as well as claims of potential fraudulent activity. The owner / operator also participates in that discussion, and has attempted to rebuke these statements.

Vini Pooh, as he is also known, also runs a website at On the website, numerous testimonials from various screen names have been posted, however, they look like they have been cut-and-paste and visitors have no way of authenticating this information, or leaving any reviews of their own. Suspiciously, there is not one single bad review, so it seems the owner wants to create a good impression without supplying reviews from trusted feedback sources. Sound a bit shady? It gets better…

After conducting a bit of research, we discovered that VP EAS Accessories is operated by Michael Filev, as confirmed here by BusinessWest. Then, when we Googled this person’s name, we uncovered some interesting stories about criminal activities involving Checkpoint Systems, Inc. According to this article published by Alpha (Alpha is a division of Checkpoint), a sting was set up where Filev was offered gift cards in lieu of payment. Later, when the gift cards were redeemed, his identity was revealed, and they were subsequently able to prosecute.

This article will be updated as more information comes to hand.