Trade leak: Wal-Mart in midst of massive loss prevention lay-off

TAGREMOVERS.COM EXCLUSIVE: Wal-Mart is currently in a heavy cost-cutting exercise aimed at reducing its Asset Protection workforce, and replacing them with ‘asset protection customer specialists’, which in basic terms translates to ‘glorified door greeters’. The news comes soon after a Wal-Mart loss prevention officer was shot and killed pursuing a suspected shoplifter.

Sources working at Wal-Mart have informed us that team numbers for APAs (Asset Protection Associates) have been cut by at least two to three staff per store, in some cases leaving only one fully trained APA remaining. Some stores have also reported losing their APM (Asset Protection Manager). Naturally this is causing issues for proper monitoring of PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) equipped stores which require more than one APA to maintain constant visual contact. Constant visual contact is a policy that LP professionals must follow in order to make an apprehension.

The restructuring program commenced under the direction of new Asset Protection senior strategy manager, Joshua Ridgeway, who was promoted by Wal-Mart in March, 2016. Full details of the plan are still under wraps, but indications point to a change in Wal-Mart’s ‘stop’ policy, which they now seem to be moving away from. This will ultimately result in fewer apprehensions.

Wal-Mart’s remaining AP staff have taken to social media to complain of the situation, and some have even taken the drastic step of refusing to make apprehensions under the current scheme. Many others are reporting that shrinkage is now set to skyrocket, and will probably force the company to rethink its strategy in 12 month’s time. The discussion thread is very enlightening, and it’s likely that it will be hidden or removed once LP find out the story has broken, so here is a copy for safe keeping:

Wal-Mart LPs discuss lay-offs

Here’s a link to the discussion on Facebook.

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