Vendor review: Craze Co /

Craze Co is an Australian based seller of shoplifting and graffiti gear and is owned and operated by Alec Leslie Zammitt. His principal place of business is located at 3 Banksia Pl, Greystanes NSW 2145, Australia. According to Google Maps, this address appears to be a common place of residence in the far western suburbs of Sydney.

The website sells China sourced knock-offs under alternative product names in an attempt to differentiate itself from other sellers. The names given to these products, along with their real names, are as follows:

Essentially, the seller appears to be operating a drop ship business, selling knock-off goods freely available on websites such as Aliexpress, but at a significant mark-up. This is probably an attempt to avoid prosecution by Australian based authorities, as can be seen by some recent publicity.

Our verdict: If you’re going to buy knock-offs and risk having them imported to your country, save your money and buy them from China yourself. However, since our launch three years ago, we have always maintained that the safest way to buy security tag removal devices is from a local seller who ships from the same locality. This reduces the chances of your items being seized by customs and border protection, and keeps your personal information safe.