InVue style OM Key

InVue OM Key FobThe InVue OM Key is a device used to open locking display hooks and stop locks (i.e. hanging merchandise). The detacher is not as well known as some of the other magnetic keys on the market, such as the S3 Handkey, as its distribution is closely guarded by InVue. Checkpoint Systems, Inc. acquired InVue in 2007, which was formerly known as Alpha Security.

According to the company, the OM (orthogonal magnet) Key generates a perpendicular force that provides a more secure interface. This means that a standard neodymium magnet, no matter how small or big, won’t work. In fact it doesn’t matter how strong the grade of magnet is because, in this case, the strength of the magnet is irrelevant.

Take a close look at the two key holes below (one at the rear, and one at the front):

InVue display hook & stop lock

You can see that the insertion points are uniquely shaped (the OM Key opens both). At the rear of the display hook the OM Key releases the locking mechanism from the wall (or slat-board), so that the entire hook can be repositioned (or removed). Toward the front of the display hook, the OM Key inserts into the stop lock, and allows the user to remove it, along with the desired number of items from the display. Stores that already have their own display hooks can use the stop lock device by itself, because it prevents merchandise being removed while in place.

One thing to point out here, is that the InVue stop locks pictured further above are not the same as a stop lock without an insertion point (as shown here). Standard stop lockThe red stop lock in this image can be easily opened with a Pocket Detacher because it doesn’t contain any special aspects to its design, and works much like a normal security tag. We tested the OM Key on this type of stop lock and it didn’t work, simply because it wasn’t as strong as the Pocket Detacher. So, it seems its use is limited to a specific design purpose.

OM Keys aren’t widely available, but we tracked down a generic version from a store at Tag-It! Security. Cost is US$49.95, plus shipping. The package from this vendor was shipped from the United States, and took about five days to arrive.

InVue stop locks are also used to secure shelf anchors (passing a wire through each piece of merchandise), as demonstrated in the last step of this video:

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