What are InVue detacher keys?

Let’s distinguish between the many different types of InVue keys and the specific types of products they open: For each key type, hyperlinks will take you to an image of the relevant product.

  • The OneKEY detacher is used mainly by big box retailers, and is designed to be affixed to the countertop at the register. It decouples all OneKey Package Protection Products such as Package Wraps, Safers, Cable Locks, Padlocks and Bottle Caps. These products are impervious to magnets, which is why InVue claim they have a higher level of security.
    Image of hand holding the OneKey Detacher
  • The IR3 Key (previously the IR2 Key), which is similar to the OneKEY detacher (in that it opens the same range of security products), is the portable solution to the OneKEY ecosystem. It’s a programmable key that opens all the products mentioned above, plus phone and tablet docking stands, tethered display docks, as well as display cabinets and secured fixtures. The key can be programmed to work at specific locations, and can be deactivated by the store if the key goes ‘missing’.
    Close up image of InVue IR3 Key
  • OM Key: An innovative key that has a unique orthogonal magnet shape which provides a perpendicular force not achievable by regular magnetic detachers. This item was covered in detail in this previous post.
    Image of hand holding the OM Key Detacher and StopLok
  • CT Key: A unique secure code is programmed into this electronic key which prevents it from being used at other locations.
    Image of the InVue CT key

An important point here is that the IR3 and IR2 Keys are synced with, and can only be reactivated on, the programming station that was used to activate the key initially. This means if you manage to get your hands on one of these keys, and try to insert it into another store’s programming station to refresh it, it will not be activated. They are also deauthorised after charging. The only way to get either of these keys working is to ensure they are brand new and never activated. You’ll then be able to sync it once with any programming station.

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Who exactly are InVue, and why are some of their previous products, like the S3 HandKey, associated with different brand names? Well, they did indeed patent the S3 range of products, but in 2007 Alpha Consumer Products, as they were previously known, sold the S3 product line to Checkpoint Systems. They then reformed their company as InVue.to focus on handheld electronic merchandise.

Bombaster, a Russian developer of jamming and unlocking devices, claims to have developed a tool that bypasses OneKEY’s security features. This claim has not been verified by us, as we’ve not been able to test the product, but here’s a link to the video.

Furthermore, due to the current situation with Russia sanctions, any payments sent to this seller are done so at your own risk. We will update this disclaimer if we’re able to reach Bombaster directly to authenticate their claims.