Vendor Review:

One of the less known vendors, operating from a website at, has been around since February 2011, keeping a relatively low profile. We assert ‘low profile’ due to the small number of videos posted on YouTube, and a lack of social network presence. Nevertheless, in order to investigate the credibility, authenticity and perhaps the size of the website and its market share, we did a little digging…

The domain is owned and registered by a UK entity under the name of Arksway Limited. This is somewhat interesting, because it is one of only three vendors with an officially registered business name (the other two being Detacher Co, owned by Tag-It! Security, and VP EAS Accessories, owned by Michael Filev, a.k.a. ViniPooh). As far as we know, Arksway Limited is not associated with any other vendors, and only operates this one website.

But is this business actually real? According to, the business has an address in Derbyshire, England, and was incorporated in 2009. Their listed secretary was Bronius Markovas. We checked to see if this person was also the owner, but their appointment as secretary ended in 2011, and their records have not been updated since. Further research uncovered that the owner is Mr Arkady Elkin.

So, the business is in fact real, and one can even purchase company documents, such as yearly account statements. We stopped short of that, but did discover that their last capital reporting figure was £2.00 (as at March 21, 2012).

Anyway, what does this all say about Well, for one, this tells us that they ship from the United Kingdom. That might be good for customers that live there, but for US customers, and perhaps elsewhere too, there are no shipping options available whatsoever(as at February 17, 2013). The prices are also listed in pounds.

Norton gives the site a big question mark, and there are no customer reviews anywhere on the web. This is probably due to their limited client base being in the UK. Given this fact, we’ll end our research here, until such time we receive any information, complaints or otherwise, from our users.